Mobile Drucker-Suche, Verwaltung und Universal Treiber

Ich drucke zu selten, aber wenn wer oft in verschiedenen Netzten unterwegs ist und dort auch druckt, für den mag das eine große Hilfe sein. Das Xerox Tool sucht automatisch basierend auf dem aktuellen Netzwerk den bevorzugten Drucker und sendet an diesen in Postscript – was ja durchaus viele Drucker verstehen.

Hier die Featureliste:

  • Automatically detects your location based on your local network and updates your current printer list with preferred printers for that location
  • Tells you instantly which printers are online and available to you every time you print
  • Sorts devices in your printer list based on status, location, name, etc
  • Displays detailed feature options to help you choose the best printer for your job
  • Works with Xerox and non-Xerox PostScript printers and multifunction devices
  • Automatically configures itself to offer users 100% of the features available in most Xerox printers
  • Provides a consistent, simple interface for all printers, making it easy to find and choose the features you need
  • Automatically puts last-used printer (for that location) at the top of your current printer list
  • Saves favorite printer settings for each application. For example, if you always print emails in black & white, on both sides of the paper, those settings can be automatically applied to any printer you choose in any location
  • You can install Mobile Express Driver yourself, with a few mouseclicks
  • No tracking down an IT technician to help you find the right printer, identify IP addresses or install drivers in a new location
  • Dynamic printer discovery automatically updates your printer list with new features and status
  • Allows users the ability to specify alternate subnets to search for each given location. This is particularly handy for wireless PC users where print devices are typically on a separate network segment.


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